In an inspiring display of unity, the YPO (Young Presidents’ Organization) Dallas Chapter recently joined forces with “Carry the Load,” rallying over 100 YPO Dallas Members and their families to honor the fallen heroes of Afghanistan and Iraq. Led by Naval Intelligence Officer Edward Crawford, Service Chair for YPO Dallas, and former Carry the Load Founder-Navy SEAL Clint Bruce, this event not only paid tribute to the sacrifices made but also fostered a sense of camaraderie among war veterans.

Edward and Clint shared heartfelt stories of fallen comrades. Among those honored were heroes like CDR Job Price, SSG Kashif Memon, LCDR Jonas Kellsal, CPO Rob Reeves, and the members of Extortion 17, whose legacies continue to inspire.

The day unfolded in three phases. Attendees, guided by Edward Crawford, Isaac Kim (USMC), and Jacob Kobielusz (USAF), his family, and dedicated Boy Scouts from Troop 82, painted bricks to memorialize fallen heroes and participated in military- style workouts and relay races, symbolizing the resilience of the human spirit. Crawford’s children Caroline, Edward, Annabelle, and Troop 82 Boy Scouts William Bremer and Phelps Sears spoke about the service members they were carrying that day.

Former YPO CEO Xavier Mufraggi and his wife, Emma Mufraggi, attended the event, embodying the YPO community’s unwavering commitment to charitable causes.

Making A Difference

Edward and his wife, Mary Crawford, a Realtor at Allie Beth, feel blessed to be in a community that is so supportive of veterans. Mary, who had a 1-year-old and a 6-day-old when her husband deployed, understands the unique challenges that military families can face. Mary says, “My family struggled when my husband was gone, and his unit was facing multiple losses, and you can’t help but think – will I get that call? My heart goes out to those families who got that dreaded knock on the door and who will live with the loss. Carry the Load helps ensure that we will never forget the sacrifice these families made for our country.”

Edward and Clint are enthusiastic about encouraging more business leaders and CEOs to serve in the community, leveraging their relationships to honor veterans and assist them in finding good jobs in the Dallas area.

Photo Descriptions:

1 / Carry the Load Walk (5/23). The Crawford family. Edward’s high school friend-CPO Rob Reeves- Navy SEAL Shreveport, LA (Caddo Magnet High) is featured on the bus. Rob was killed in Extortion 17. Edward and Clint Bruce were both friends with Rob and honored his memory in the YPO/Carry the Load event.

2 / Kobielusz, Kim, and Crawford Leading Military style PT (Physical Fitness) Hero’s Challenge for kids. Troop 82 Boy Scouts Edward Crawford, William Bremer, and Phelps Sears demonstrate proper form.

3 / Right to left recent CEO of YPO Xavier Mufraggi, and his wife Emma Mufraggi, Isaac Kim (USMC), and Laura and Ed Crawford III – Edward’s Parents who came in from Shreveport to support the Carry The Load event.

4 / Left to right: Edward Crawford (USN-Intel), Jacob Kobielusz (USAF), Isaac Kim (USMC), Clint Bruce (CTL Founder Navy SEAL), William Atkinson (LE)

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