Meet the Crawford Family


Meet the Crawford family, who moved from South Beach Miami and have been living in University Park on Marquette Street for six years now. Edward and Mary Crawford are the proud parents of three children, Caroline, Little Edward, and Annabelle, along with their beloved pets Miles (a Black German Shorthair), Nola (a bearded dragon), and Jackson (a gecko). Let’s take a closer look at this active family and what makes them such an integral part of our community.

Edward is a former Naval Officer and Afghan veteran and Peace Corps Volunteer who left Goldman Sachs to move to Dallas and start his own company, Coltala Holdings. The company acquires founder-led companies in Texas and Louisiana. Meanwhile, Mary works part-time at Getting It Done Organizing and is also involved in the Dallas yoga and fitness community. Both Edward and Mary love spending time with their family, working out at Vive, listening to music, reading by the pool or fireplace, watching movies on military history and politics, and visiting local parks such as Caruth Park and the Arboretum. Mary loves working out at Vive and doing yoga and Edward enjoys working out, hunting, hiking, and having outdoor adventures.

Their favorite vacation spot is their house in the Dominican Republic near Haiti, where Edward and Mary lived while serving in the Peace Corps. Their entire family speaks Spanish and actively supports the Dominican coffee cooperative business they helped found in 2005. They also love visiting Miami Beach, Tulum, Cartagena, St Lucia, and any island in the Caribbean.

One of their favorite places to be is their family farm in Natchitoches, Louisiana where catching alligators and eating crawfish are both regular activities. When it comes to their favorite restaurants, they enjoy Mot Hai Bah, Gemma, Ascension, Origin Kitchen, Muchachos, Dive, and The Rustic.

Their children are equally involved in a variety of activities, such as lacrosse, gymnastics, wrestling, dance, and music. Caroline, age 12, plays the violin, dances, plays lacrosse, and did her first choir solo this year at MIS, while her brother Edward, age 10, is into the cello, and wrestling, and was named to the all-tournament team this year in the Vail Lacrosse Tournament representing Texas 3D Lacrosse. Young Annabelle, age 8, enjoys playing the violin, gymnastics, lacrosse, and dance.

The Crawfords are also involved in the community through various volunteer activities. They walk as a family at “Carry the Load” each year honoring the veterans who gave the ultimate sacrifice, specifically, Edward’s friends and teammates, CDR Job Price, CPO Rob Reeves, SGT Kashif Memon and LCDR Jonas Kelsall. Edward has also helped get many Texas War Veterans elected to Congress, (Reps -Dan Crenshaw, Jake Ellzey, Wesley Hunt, Tony Gonzalez, and August Pfluger) through the Political Action Committee he co-founded,

Mary serves at Thrive Women’s Clinic. They also volunteer at the Suicide and Crisis Center of North Texas, Dallas YPO Board (Service Chair). Edward is also serving an 8-year appointment on Governor Abbott’s Board for Texas Economic Development. They are members of Watermark Church community, Park House and through Coltala Holdings own local businesses that serve Dallas/Fort Worth: Pond Robinson and Associates, Paschal Air Conditioning DFW, and Choice Home Care.

One of the things the Crawfords love most about our neighborhood is the active, inclusive, and fun neighbors they have. They often see them around and enjoy the sense of community that comes with living in a tight-knit neighborhood. Plus, the fact that their children can walk anywhere is a definite bonus. The Crawford family has wandered the world and back but has finally found a place to call home in our very own University Park.

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