Coltala Holdings is honored to be nominated for the 2022 Texas Consilium, Inc. Business Excellence Award!

Coltala Holdings is honored to be nominated for the 2022 Texas Consilium, Inc. Business Excellence Award! Edward Crawford sat down with Jim Ratchford to talk about how Coltala works to build businesses, improve management teams, and our commitment to the community. Learn More at LinkedIn


Edward Crawford is the subject of our Resident Business Beat this month. First, we will learn about Edward and his family and then find out about the business, Coltala Holdings which he co-founded with a family friend, Ralph Manning. Edward grew up in Shreveport, Louisiana and has lived every- where from the Dominican Republic, New […]

Coltala Holdings Partners with Trive Capital to Acquire Lower Middle Market Companies

DALLAS and FORT WORTH, Texas, Dec. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Coltala Holdings is pleased to announce it has received strategic financial and deal execution support from Trive Capital, a Dallas-based, private investment firm with approximately $2 billion in aggregate capital commitments. Coltala CEO Ralph Manning said, “The partnership will help enable Coltala to execute against its strategy to acquire high-potential companies in the lower […]