Coltala Holdings and Trive Capital form partnership to acquire lower middle-market companies

Coltala Holdings and Trive Capital announced they’re partnering to acquire lower middle-market companies. Edward Crawford, co-founder and president of Coltala, said the two firms work well together and will likely execute local deals as part of its investments. Crawford said the companies just completed a deal together that hasn’t yet been announced, and the teams […]

Conscious capitalism is on the rise in Dallas, local firm leaders say

The idea of conscious capitalism — investing to make a difference for stakeholders, rather than solely for profit — in Dallas is picking up more traction, said two firm leaders. Sunny Vanderbeck of Satori Capital and Edward Crawford of Coltala Holdings, two companies in Dallas that work to promote conscious capitalism in practice, said there’s […]

This investment firm has made 2 acquisitions this month via its platform

Investment firm Coltala Holdings, utilizing its HVAC and home services acquisition platform, Trudela Partners, has already acquired two companies this month. Dallas-based Trudela Partners specializes in home service repairs and maintenance, and acquired both Walker Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. and Arlington-based HVAC company Metro Energy Savers. Read More at Dallas Business Journal

A New Horse Joins the Private Equity Herd

The first weeks of 2018 saw a new player in Dallas’ private equity space. Newcomer The Coltala Group derives its name from the word “colt,” representing “the stage of development where a male horse is at its fastest,” combined with the Latin word “ala,” meaning wings. The company’s ideology also combines two ideas: something original […]

Dallas’ newest private investment firm will hold onto companies longer than traditional funds

A new private investment firm has been spun out of Dallas’ Progress Equity and is amassing capital from local family offices to buy mid-sized companies and hold them longer than traditional funds usually can. The company, Coltala Group, is aiming to acquire two companies per year in Texas, Louisiana and the Northeast, co-founder Edward Crawford […]

The Coltala Group Establishes a Diversified Holding Company With a Unique Concept in Private Equity Investing

The Coltala Group (“Coltala”) announced today, January 9, 2018, its formation as a diversified holding company. Coltala focuses on the acquisition of family-owned and privately-held businesses that generate $3 million – $10 million in EBITDA in the healthcare, manufacturing and branded products and services industries. The Coltala Group exists to build businesses of significance by […]